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26th-Mar-2010 02:44 am - My Second Fanfix
Again, UNEDITED and completely SEXUAL in nature. For a Friend of mine.

A/N: This is my special Mini story for Tasia. This is my first Carella Fanfic, and my last. Hope you enjoy it love muffin.

Bella PoV

I was sitting on the waiting room chairs--you know, those uncomfortable fucking things that poke you in the ass? Well, I had fell down and busted my knee all to hell, and there I was sitting on that fucking ass-poker waiting to see the doctor. This was the part I hated. Waiting forever to see an old fart with a cold stethoscope and bad breathe to check me out and send me on my fucking way.

“Bella, are still in pain?” My brother, Edward, asked me from his seat beside me. Sometimes he was such a fucking douche. But then days like today made me change my mind of him.

“No, Eddie. You know, you didn’t have to bring me here. Ever heard of Band-Aids?” I snickered at him. It wasn’t the first time I had fell, and it would not be the last neither.

“Well, if you would stop fucking falling over, I could be out fucking Jessica right now in the back of my Volvo. Believe me, this much more painful for me right now.” He said with disdain.

“Ew. Your fucking gross. Why didn’t you rub one out before you came here with me?” I said, inching my body away from him.

“Shut up.” He moaned. I giggled.

“Bella Swan? The doctor will see you now.” The nurse called out from the window at the desk.

‘Finally. Some fucking service.” I grumbled as I stood and made my way to the door being held open by the nurse. The nurse led me back to the examination room and closed the door as I stepped inside.

The room was small, and not like the other rooms I had when visiting the doctor. This one had posters of body parts that would make you blush if you saw them. I reached out and touched one of them in curiosity.

“Holy SHIT! I hope he doesn’t want to check my pussy!” I said aloud. The pictures were female and male genitals. Odd.

“No, not unless you wanted me to.” A voice drifted to me from behind. I quickly turned to see the doctor who was holding a chart and smiling. My eyes raked over him…definitely not like any other doctor I had.

His hair was white blond, reminding me of snow when the sun shines on it. His complexion was pale. His shoulders were broad--football player shoulders--his chest was just a broad. My eyes scanned his thin waist and rested on his khaki pants right at his dick. Hesitantly, my eyes made their way slowly back to his face.

“Um…sorry about that.” I stammered. He was fucking glorious. His body was almost edible. I smiled at him as he stepped forward.

“Not a problem, Bella. Have a seat.” He said tapping the bed behind me. “So, you scraped your knee?” He said, touching my knee with his fingers. His touch was soft, yet warm. He felt around the knee cap for breakage, and sighed. “You fall a lot don’t you?” He asked his eyes gazing up to meet mine.

“Well, if everyday is a lot, then yes, I do.” I replied, getting more and more lost in his onyx eyes. He squeezed my knee again. That was making me so fucking insane. His touches sent little shivers up my back.

“Oh, Bella. You have to be careful. Your such a good looking girl, and you can’t be ruining that with scars.” He said, his hands rubbing my knee in circles.

I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. I couldn’t help it. I caught his lower lip in mine and sucked gently, my hand coming around his neck as I inhaled his lips to mine. I thought he would pull away from me, but I was shocked when he didn’t. He kissed me back. His tongue came out to dart between my moving lips. I yielded to his tongue and mine entered his mouth. My hands came down to pull off his coat and his hands came to cup my tits. I managed to get his coat off and throw it to the floor. His hands still on my tits, he got up and leaned me back onto the paper of the examination table.

“Shit, your soft.” He said, kneading my breasts with his palms. “So fucking soft.” His hands came off my breasts in protest as he lifted my shirt and took it off over my head, breaking the kiss to do so. Next went my bra. Once my bra was out of the way, he bent down and bit my nipple hard. I moaned with pleasure as his tongue darted across the sensitive bud with precision. Taking the bud in his mouth, I reached down to unbuckle his belt. I got that off with no problem. The zipper on the other hand…

“Let me.” He said, letting my tit fall from his mouth. He reached down and pulled the zipper down. Then he pulled his pants--boxers and all--down. He stood in front of me, his hard cock pointing at me like an arrow pointing directions. “Your turn.” He said. He loomed over me once again and unbutton my pants while he kissed my neck in slow kisses trailing to my collarbone. He undid the zipper and pulled my pants off completely. Then I felt nothing.

“Um…What’s wrong?” I asked, looking down to see what’s up.

“Bella…you underwear says Monday on them…” He said, barely holding a giggle.

“Yeah?” I replied, thoroughly confused.

“Well…it’s just today is Friday.” He laughed now. I flushed red.

“What? I didn’t look at what it said…” I said quietly.

“Doesn’t matter.” He said, ripping them off and throwing the tattered pieces onto the floor. “There all better.” He said. “Does this hurt, too?” He asked, rubbing my clit now with his fingers in slow lazy circles.

“Ah, shit.” I moaned, my hands in his hair at that instant. Wow, he knew the pussy well.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Let me make it better. A kiss should help.” He said, taking his mouth upon my pussy, his tongue darting in and out in fast paces.

“Fucking shit!” I nearly screamed. He took two fingers and pushed them inside me as he nibbled. My back arched as I began to convulse in pleasure.

“Shit, Bella. Your tight.” He said, plunging a third finger inside.

“Mmmm.” It was all I could get out.

He extracted his fingers and pressed his body against mine tightly. I could feel his hardness pressed into my thigh. His face came down and crushed my lips again and his body was reacting to my hand inching its way down to his hard cock that was between us. My hand came down on the base of his hard rod as he leaned to the side so I could grab it easier. I stroked it from the base to the tip, palming the head and going back down to the base.

“Fucking Christ, Bella.” He said, grunting in pleasure.

My hand furiously pumped his cock as he moaned loudly. His grunts became labored and his head lulled on my shoulder.

“I can’t---” He started. “Bella. I’ going to cum.” He said, grunting it out of clenched teeth. In one swift motion, I pulled--hard--on his dick. I could feel the warm liquid hit me in the stomach as he moaned again and collapsed on the table.

“Shit.” He said, his breathing returning to normal pace now. When he caught his breath. He suddenly rolled me onto my back and loomed on top of me, his cock at my wet entrance.

“Do you want me?” He asked.

“No, I don’t want you, I just want the free lollipop afterward. Of course. Fuck me.” I said, giggling now at his expression.

“You are naughty, Bella.” He said, plunging just the head of his dick inside me, then extracting it.

“You fucking tease.” I groaned. He laughed.

“Fine.” he said, plunging his whole length in me. I gasped.

“Fuck.” I gasped loudly. He grunted as he slammed into me with force, rocking the table.

“Fucking god, your so hot.” He said, raising my knees for a new position. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded me.

I Screamed out in pleasure. “Soon.” I mumbled over and over again. “Close.” The skin slapping sound didn’t help. I had to cum. With one last shudder, I came. The doc came soon after.

We layed there for a while in the light. He stroked my face.
“I think your next patient is waiting. What’s her name?” I asked.

“So curious, aren’t you? Ok.” He said, getting up and going to his chart. “Someone named Tasia.”

26th-Mar-2010 02:36 am - My New FanFic Story
 First of all, this story is highly SEXUAL in nature and is UNEDITED. There is strong sexual content. Read at your own risk.

This is my new story. It is a mini Fanfix, which means it is not long, and it is a complete story. This was requested by my readers  who happen to be friends. ENJOY.


WARNING: This story is UNEDITED. You will eventually find it on my live journal soon. Which you can find here:


A/N: This is another Mini-story since my last one was really an attention getter. Thanks for the favs on it! This one goes out to Keibert, who requested a school scene. ENJOY. Have a place you wanna see them fuck? Drop me a request! I am on Twitter at:


I wanted to go opposite of their characters in this story. For example, in this story, Bella is more a popular figure at the school, while Edward is the bad ass with issues..Enjoy.

Edwards PoV

I could see her out of the corner of my eye. Her halter top and her jeans fitting her hourglass shape as she bounced her knee. She was probably the hottest girl at Forks High. She was the popular girl, the one all the guys wanted to fuck. I stared at her chest. Mainly because they looked so fucking delicious. They had to be what? C cups? I licked my lips and ran my eyes down past her waist. Goodies waited beyond those jeans, no doubt.

“Mr. Cullen. You seem to have drifted off. Mind telling me what the fraction on the board is?” My math teacher, Mr. Black, asked me.

My eyes snapped from the cookie hidden in the fabric cookie jar, to the asshole rolling toward me with a fucking chalk smudge on his face.

“Mr. Cullen---” He started again.

“I fucking heard you. I’m not deaf.” I said. “I don’t know the fucking answer. If I did, would you really be saying my name again?” I snapped. This guy has been a pain in my ass since I was a junior.

“Detention, Mr. Cullen.” He said, his face in mock horror. He wasn’t the least bit fucking horrified at my words. He gets that shit everyday. The guy wears a fucking pair of suspenders, for fuck sakes. I was just about to tell this ball less asshole to go screw himself with his twelve inch ruler, when I hear the small laugh.

See, this is funny. You think your ogling a girls tits, and that’s it. Nothing could possibly become of it after drool-dreaming over her tits. But this had potential. The vein in Ole Blackies head was throbbing like a dick getting some pussy. And that only meant one thing…

“Something funny, Ms. Swan?” He turned to hot-tits now. She looked right at him and laughed again.

“Well, Ms. Swan, since you seem to find punishment humorous, you can join Mr. Cullen in detention. Both of you will come back here after school and wash the chalkboards.” He said, turning on his wheelchair around and ushering up the isle to the board once more.

Oh, Shit. This was a dream…I mean, I had to fucking wake up sooner or later and see this was all a fucking wet dream. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them. She smiled at me and then turned her head back to the front of the class. Oh, no. Definitely not a dream…

Ok, so the day was going so fucking slow. I didn’t have any classes with her to finish the ogling of her goodies, just lunch. And I love my fucking chips, man. I had to eat my chips, so I didn’t get a good look at her from across the cafeteria. I dragged the rest of the day.

I looked at the clock to see just how much it had ticked since my last look-in. Damn. Just a minute. Soon…soon I could be in the same room with her…but how to get rid of Old Blackie…


I saw him looking at my chest. It was one of those things guys do. They think they are being so secretive about eye-fucking girls tits, when really they just look like a cross-eyed pig. Granted, I really didn’t care if he looked at my perfect tits. Oh, and I had AMAZING tits. It was more that I had this secret crush on him. I mean, my popularity was really fucking things up for me. Making me date douche bags on the football team, or assholes on the basketball team. Edward was different. He was a badass who really just didn’t give a ripe shit about anything. I liked that.

Naturally, when you find something funny, you laugh, right? When he told Blackballs off, it made me laugh. I meant it to be a giggle, but shit, it came out a laugh. I knew what would happen when Blackballs heard me laugh. I can’t say I was too surprised. I saw Edward stare at me when Blackballs vacated, so I teased him a little. I smiled at him and turned around again.

I’m not one to get to excited about school ending, after all, I love attention, and most of it comes during the school day, but I fucking jinxed that fucking clock to move faster. The little hand teased me with each tick. Ugh. Fucking hell. I swallowed and looked across the lunchroom at him, sitting by the farther window on the right. He was eating…chips. He looked pretty fucking intense as he munched on those chips like they were the best pussy he ever tasted. Funny. He didn’t strike me as a chip guy…Anyway, I looked away and stared out the window closest to me. The lunch bell rang. I looked over to where he was eating his ass off, but he was gone. I sighed. I stood and headed for my final two classes before the school day ended…and perhaps, if I was lucky, maybe I could spend my school night here, too.


The day was FINALLY over. The fact that I didn’t even think about what would happen, was pretty telling. I just wanted to fucking ogle her ass, her tits and her pussy. Nude was a bonus, fabric was a consolation prize. I made my way through the halls, my eyes glued for her halter top and jeans.

“Hey, motherfucker. You coming later?” Jasper shouted from his locker.

“I’m coming later, alright.” I laughed as I past him. Sounded like he called me an asshole, but I didn’t give a fuck.

I ran up the flight of stairs leading back to Blackballs room, taking them to at a time. You know, looking back now, I was so fucking happy…it was weird. Anyway, I headed inside the classroom were Blackballs was sitting at his desk. He placed his brown lunch bag in his desk and turned to me.

“Good. Your on time. Sit.” He said stiffly, pointing to a seat in the front row.

You know, if this guy seriously wasn’t in a wheelchair, I would fuck him up just for looking retarded in suspenders…I took the seat and waited for her to walk through the door and swing her hips to the rhythm of my cock…

Five mintues passed…
Ten minutes passed…
Fifteen Minutes passed…

I had enough.

“Where’s that Swan chick?” I asked. I tried to be nonchalant, but fuck if I didn’t just sound desperate.

He looked up from grading papers and sniffed.

“She’s coming late. The principal has a meeting with her. I, in the interm, am going to go make copies of the test for tomorrow. I’ll be back, Mr. Cullen.” He said, placing papers on his lap as he rolled to the door and disappeared.

Now I was alone in the classroom, nothing to do, no girl to eye-fuck…good times. I laid my head on the desk and sighed. She would have to come in some time. It was really creepy that I was depressed now cause I didn’t have a pair of tits to occupy my vision. I was just about to just fucking leave, when I heard the classroom door close. I didn’t bother to look up, because I thought it was Wheelie coming back to make me bang erasers. It wasn’t until a hand was in my hair did I realize either Wheelie was fucking switching teams on me, and making me his batboy, or it was her…I looked up to see the smile spread across her face as her hands raked my hair roughly…I was trying to focus on her smile, but the male in me wanted to see her tits….


Shit. I was running late. I had to stop by the principals office, first. I didn’t think it would be this long, but it dragged on and on. When he finally left me go, I half-ran out the fucking door and down the hall. I was pretty fucking unsure what I was looking forward too. I mean, I know he looked at my tits, but maybe I could let him feel them? But then Blackballs would be in there…so that would be hard…But fuck, I could nearly feel his hands on my tits, on the sensitive nipple…
I ran down the hall, my legs heavy by the time I neared the flight of steps. Thank god all the kids were out of the school now, so the hall was clear. I ran up the steps and down the second floor hall till I reached the room. I glanced around before I walked in. Blackballs was gone, his desk empty and the door open. I saw Edward, his head laying on the desk and his face turned away from the door. I slammed the door shut. Not even a fucking twitch. I wondered if he was asleep? I walked over to his seat. A battle was raging in my head. Should I touch him like I wanted? Should I rake my hands through his soft, shiny hair like I fucking itched too?

Fuck it.

I reached down with my fingertips and raced my hand through his hair. He flinched, and then turned. His eyes dark, he sighed when he saw it was me.

“Fucking shit, Bella. I though you were old Blackballs playing touch-the-pole.” He half-laughed. He glanced at me and smiled. “Your late. Your lucky wheelie isn’t here.” He said.

“Yeah, really lucky.” I said. His lips were so invitingly soft. I stared at them before moving back to his eyes. “Lucky.” I repeated. I still fixed my eyes on his as I leaned down. Catching his soft lower lip between mine, I sucked gently as my hands moved in his hair again. He turned a little and brought his hand to cup my chin. He kissed me back slowly, his lips moving with mine, crushing and unyielding. His hand slipped from my chin, down m collarbone, across my ribs to my waist.

“Is this okay?” He asked, breaking the kiss.

I nodded and pulled his lips back to mine. My hands left his hair and traveled to his chest, where I rested them. I felt his hands at the small of my back now, and trailing up my back slowly. His hands found my bra strap and I smiled against his lips.

“You’re a quick one, Mr. Cullen.” I said, teasing him as I felt him unhook my bra.

“Only where I have to be.” He replied. I lifted my arms for him to remove my shirt, his hands shaking slightly as we broke the kiss to get the shirt completely off. He smiled at me as he removed my bra. “You have such fucking amazing tits.” He said, bouncing them like basketballs. He giggled.

“I know. You like to stare at them.” I said. “What about Mr. Black?” I asked suddenly. If he came back….

“Relax. The man is impossibly fucking slow. We have plenty of time.” He said, bending down to place his hot mouth over the sensitive bud. My back immediately arched back as he nibbled on it slowly. His tongue slipped over the small bud sending a chill up my back.

“Shit.” I moaned. I could feel the warmth of his mouth moving across my chest in small kisses and found my other nipple. His hands traveled down to my jeans. He fumbled with the button on them and eventually got them open and the zipper down.

“You see, I have this thing…about fabric covering the holy grail of pussy. Stand up.” He commanded as his teeth grazed my nipple one last time. I stood. He pulled the pants down to my ankles. He reached up again to pull my underwear down, careful to graze my thighs with his fingertips. I stepped out of both and was now fully nude. His fingertips trailed slowly up my legs, and hit my inner thighs.

“You know, your much more beautiful naked.” He said, his hand nearing the wet folds of my secret place. “Your so fucking pretty.” He said, his hand curving under my clit.

I moaned with a small whimper as I felt his index finger graze the wet clit. “Oh…fucking…god.” I moaned heavily as he pushed further into my canal. His fingers gliding in and out of me as fast as he could get them.

“Jeez, fucking shit!” I moaned loudly. My head leaning back as he pushed in with vigor.

“You like that? What about this?” He asked. He extracted his fingers from my wet pussy, and slid out of his chair, his knees hitting the floor. He leaned his face up and opened his mouth to envelope my heat, his tongue flicking the clit with wet slaps.

“Oh…” I moaned, my hands hitting his hair as he licked and nibbled my pussy. His hands reached back to hold onto my ass, as he pushed his face further into my pusssy. My moans were coming loud and fast now, as he mouth-fucked me. With one lick, I convulsed with the orgasm that had been rolling in me, and came. He smiled, then stood.

“Damn…fuck..” I said, trying to catch my breath. I closed my eyes in hopes that my body would come down from the high. When I opened my eyes, he was just kicking his jeans and boxers off. His rock hard cock was sticking straight out. He was fucking amazing looking naked.

“Quick when you want to be, huh?” I smirked at him. “Come closer.” I said, making the come-to-me gesture. He came a few steps closer. Getting on my knees, I grabbed the base of his hard cock with my palm. My eyes looking into his own, I brought his stiff member to my mouth and pushed it into the warmness until I felt it hit the back of my throat. Guiding my index finger and my thumb up his shaft as I sucked up toward the head again. His whimpers and breaths increased.

“Ah, fuck.” He said, moving my hair out of the way as he watch me suck his dick. My hand came up to cup his balls for added pleasure as I made my slick way back down. “Oh, shit.” He blurted out. “Soon…fuck…soon…” He said, as I got back down to the base and was halfway back up. “Now.” He said. I released the head of his cock from my mouth and opened it wide. He spewed his cream in my mouth and I felt it hit the back of my throat as I swallowed.

“Uh….” He said, as he pulled his dick to finish the juices flowing from the tip. “Shit.” He grunted out. I looked up at him under my lashes. He was breathing heavy now.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked him as he leaned over to crush his lips to mine. He nodded as he broke the kiss to lean down and raid his jean pockets. He produced a small, foil wrapper. “Always prepared?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course.” He said, handing me the wrapper he opened with his teeth. I pulled the condom out stretched the love glove over his erect cock, make sure it was snug.

“There.” I said, palming his cock before standing again.

He grabbed my waist and pressed me firmly against him. I could feel his rod on my inner thigh as he crushed me to him. He hungrily kissed my neck, his teeth grazing and nibbling every once in a while.

“If your as tight as you were when I was fingering you, this may hurt a little.” He whispered in my ear as he licked my earlobe. His breath tickled m ear. In one fluid movement, he pushed back on me and then picked up my legs and seated me on the desk behind me. His cock just at the opening of my hot tunnel. I swung my legs around his waist and leaned back. Silently, I reached his gloved dick and grabbed it by the middle. Slowly, I guided the head of his cock to my entrance and pushed it in a little. I was a fucking tease to him, as I pulled it gently back out to hear his disapproving groan.

“Stop fucking teasing. Your driving me nuts.” He grunted into my ear as his hand folded over my own gripping his cock. He thrusted into me with a quick, solid move. His whole length enveloped me with heat as he started to pump. His moves were slow and deliberate as he rocked back and the forward again. I grabbed onto the edge of the desk to steady myself, sweat starting to bead on my forehead.

“Ah, god, Edward.” I said. He thrust once more, before picking up my left leg and swinging it roughly onto his shoulder. This new position made it impossible to think coherently. I could feel him better when he slid in and out of me. I groaned as I was being pounded hard. The force rocking the desk like a tidal wave.

“Shit, your too fucking tight.” He said, reaching his right hand up to squeeze my tit. “Your to tight.” He repeated, his breathing fast and furious.

“I’m going to..Edward..” I was going to cum soon. I could feel it reaching.

“Not yet.” He said huskily. Still inside me, he picked me up and pinned me up against the wall beside the desk. My legs wrapped around his waist and his pushed me up the wall with each deep penetration, making the friction on my back turn into heat.

“Edward---fucking----now.” I said as his thrust became wild. The skin clapping as he rocked my body with the motions. I couldn’t stop it this time. I came, the force of it rippling a chill through my body that made me shiver. I heard his grunt and then a ripple sway across his chest. He had come too, his grunts wild.

He didn’t pull out of me, instead he held my weight as he placed both his hands on either side of the wall. His breaths were more a panting now. “Fuck, Bella.” He said, his lips kissing my neck lightly. “Too good.” He breathed. He let me down slowly, pressing me to him as soon as my toes hit the ground again.

“You were amazing.” He said, placing his hands on my ass and then kissing my lips.

“You too.” I said, kissing him back. I walked around him to gather my clothing when I heard a giggle. “What?” I said, turning to him again. He laughed now.

“You have chalk on your back and you cute little ass.” He said, walking to me and reaching his hands around to clean off my ass and back. “You were banging with erasers.” He whispered into my ear. I smiled.
I certainly did have a school night here..one hell of a night.


I just fucked Bella Swans’s--the most popular girl, may I add--brains out. She was fucking amazing. She felt great, tasted great. Fuck. She was one fine fuck. I looked over at her getting dressed. Damn. I fucked her back up. It was all red and puffy. But she was worth it.

I peeled the condom off and looked around for a waste can. That’s when I saw Blackballs desk. That asshole has been fucking with me since I was a junior. Time to get even. I opened his desk drawer and looked at Bella. She was busy adjusting her bra. I took the used condom, come and all, and reached inside the desk, took out his brown lunch bag. I surveyed the contents. Sandwich, chips, chocolate milk. What goes better with that then cum?? I placed the used condom in the back, hurried up and closed it and placed it back inside the drawer before closing it. I dressed then, and we settled back into our seats as if we didn’t just have the best fuck session ever.

Ten minutes later, Blackballs comes rolling in, papers copied, suspenders still retarded.

“Ok, guys. You can go home. Don’t make me do this again.” He said, rolling to his desk. He sat the papers on his desk, opened the drawer and pulled out his after school lunch bag.

Oh shit. I didn’t think he would open it! I opened the door for Bella.

“Hurry, lets get the fuck out of here.” I said, grasping Bella’s shoulder.


“Just do it.”

We ran like hell down the hall, but in the faint silence we could still here him.


The END.
14th-Mar-2010 10:32 pm - Must read Fanfics

Here is MY fanfic that I am in the process of writing:


Here is three of my favs:






MY CUT ISNT WORKING >( Alright. So YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW! It seriously--gah! I loved it!

A Twisted and dark spin on Alice in Wonderland. This aint your storybook mom read to ya!

Half One:

Part One:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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Part 9:

Half 2:

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11th-Dec-2009 10:21 pm - Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Ok, so I have more than a few favorites...but here are my 3 favorites....

1. Friday The 13th (2009)

2. The Mist (Stephen King novel into movie)

3. Twilight/New Moon (DURR)
11th-Dec-2009 05:30 am - Day 1--Favorite Song
I never have only one favorite song. Here are my top 5

Name--GooGoo Dolls

Holes in the floor of Heaven--Steve Wariner (FUCKING MAKES ME CRY)

The Last Night--Skillet (about suicide and how friends try to stop her by just being there)

You're Going Down--Sick Puppies (EDWARD vs. JACOB!!)

Hate Me--Blue October (Best fucking song ever...tis my favorite)

11th-Dec-2009 05:20 am - 30 Days MeMe
Day 01 → Your favorite song Day 02 → Your favorite movie Day 03 → Your favorite television program Day 04 → Your favorite book Day 05 → Your favorite quote Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad Day 09 → A photo you took Day 10 → A photo of you taken over ten years ago Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy Day 13 → A fictional book Day 14 → A non-fictional book Day 15 → A fanfic Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly) Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy Day 19 → A talent of yours Day 20 → A hobby of yours Day 21 → A recipe Day 22 → A website Day 23 → A YouTube video Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy Day 25 → Your day, in great detail Day 26 → Your week, in great detail Day 27 → This month, in great detail Day 28 → This year, in great detail Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy
11th-Dec-2009 04:04 am - :p
30th-Nov-2009 08:07 pm - For Laura

I thought Maybe YT wouldn't let you comment since its fucking---I mean--doing maintainence...so yays.

Read the Full Description Here...Collapse )HD is calling your name :)

I made this last night while I was waiting for I'd Come For You to upload to youtube. Why? Because I win....I always win....MUAHAHAHA! Anyway, this is for my Laura. who LOVES the fact that this movie was made. This was for her, so I hope she enjoys it, because then if no one else enjoys it, it won't hurt so much cause Laura Bear loves it XD.

Footage: Remember Me Trailer
Song: Behind Blue Eyes
By: Limp Bizkit

Next Up: Another remember me trailer, but with more Ally in it. Also, my suggestion box, so think hard of good songs.

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